Faculty of Polymer Technology is an internationally recognized academic institution tightly linked with the economic sector. It grows on the excellence of study, development and research work, while also enabling students and industry to acquire knowledge in one of the most interesting technical fields in the world. It is the only one in Slovenia offering holistic study programmes of polymer technology and materials. It offers bachelor and master study programs in the field of Polymer technology.

Graduates are greatly demanded on the labour market due to the fast development of this particular industrial branch and lack of skilful workers. Therefore, the graduates can start and continue their professional career in more than 1,500 companies engaged in plastics processing, and 200 tool production unities in Slovenia. The data show that more than 96% of graduates find a job within six months after graduation. This success rate results also from its active engagement in current economical, technological and academic trends and its’s close cooperation with industry, as well as the fact that at least one third of lecturers are directly involved in business or come from foreign universities. It employs 18 full time employees and more then 30 lecturers who cooperate in the study proces on a contractural basis. It has 128 students currently studying.

Because of its small size and entrepreneurial mindset, it can be more agile in adopting innovative pedagogies that can serve as good practice examples for other HE institutions. It is also very close to industry and consequently has a very good insight into the needs of the potential employers.


Faculty of polymer technology is a private non-profit HE institution located in Slovenj Gradec, outside the university centers in Slovenia. It provides bachelor and master programs in one of the most prosperous industry areas in the world. As the only academic institution focusing on polymer technology in Slovenia, FTPO bases its activities on three pillars: Education, Research and Industry cooperation. We strive to provide our students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become innovative and competent engineers that are fit for responsible tasks in their future assignments. To achieve these goals, we live by our values: Responsiveness, Continuous improvement, Practical Attitude and Personal Approach. In-line with the mission and values described above, one of our strategic goals is "Educating graduates to be fit for the challenges of the future in a rapidly changing world". In line with these strategic goal, we have developed and implemented various new activities in the area of innovative study methods, extracurricular activities, strenghthened the role of the Career center and International office, renewed our bachelor study program and the course syllabuses of the master study program, implemneted a new e-learning platform, developed a new tutor system and conducted several student projects with industry also with the help of national and EU funds. 

Our management and staff is very motivated to implement new pedagogies and because of the small size and clear strategic goals described above, we can also be very agile in doing so and wish to become a good practice in this regard not only in Slovenia, but also the wider region. FTPO has cooperated in various national and EU projects, as a coordinator and partner and has all the necessary means and skills needed for successful project implementation and management (staff skills and experience, financial means, operational means, networks, quality assurance, communication and dissemination skills). 

FTPO also has a wide network of HE partners in Slovenia and EU as well as a wide network and close cooperation with different national and regional agencies and ofcourse industry partners, it cooperates very closely also with regional secondary and primary schools, all this will ensure not only successful implementation but also wider impact and dissemination of the outcomes. 


Maja Mešl
Maja Mešl is the Head of the Career Center and International Office with a Masters in International relations. She has been actively involved in development of study programs and other trainings, as well as developing and implementing activities at different education levels aimed at encouraging and harnessing innovativeness and creativity in students. She has actively participated with the Ministry of education science and sport on these issues and participated in workshops at the EU level. She is the prevous director at the faculty and a project leader of projects at the Faculty of Polymer technology, which address the issue of developing activities and innovative study methods for educating engineers of the future.

She has also succesfully coordinated bigger EU projects. She is excellent in management, consultancy, organisation of events, networking, coordination and has excellent communication and presentation skills.
Assoc. prof. dr. Irena Pulko
Assoc. prof. dr. Irena Pulko is the Prodean for education at FTPO with a PHD in chemical engineering. Dr. Pulko has lead and participated in many EU projects. She was also involved in development and renovation of study programs and courses. She is responsible at the Faculty for the study pillar and has succesfully lead innovation activities, with the emphasis on e-learning. She is also one of the best graded lecturers at FTPO and has excellent ICT skills.
Sara Jeseničnik
Sara Jeseničnik has a Master in Cultural Studies and is the Erasmus coordinator at FTPO also responsible for PR activities and organisation of events as well as project reporting for Erasmus and other projects. She has excellent organisational and people skills. She also has vast experiences in PR and dissemination activities, including web and social media. She also has excellent ICT competences. She has lead many student projects and has a very good insight into their needs.
Assist. prof. dr. Blaž Nardin
Assist. prof. dr. Blaž Nardin has a PHD in mechanical engineering. He is the Dean of the faculty and a lecturer in polymer processing. He has worked as a manager in industry in the area of polymer technology for more then 10 years and has been te president od the Chamber of commerce. As a lecturer, he has implemented several innovative pedagogies and has lead the implementation of new e-platforms and software. He has also lead and cooperated in many EU projects and has cooperated in development of new study programs and courses. He has excellent presentation, organisation and motivational skills.


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