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Online partners meeting on Intellectual Outputs (IO3)
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Online partners meeting on Intellectual Outputs (IO3)

Today we had an online partner meeting with our project partners, where we discussed the work done on IO3 Intelectual Output, which is developed FCA (flipped classroom aproach) Course. After the successful development of the on-line training course and the FCA training held at FTPO in Avgust 2021, the educators/researchers are now in the stage of developing FCA in our selected courses which will be pilotly implemented in the following study year. At the meeting we were also discussing the organization of  the international Conference/Workshop which it's planned in May 2022.

Work on the project is proceeding according to the timeline and all partners sincerely hope to see each other live again at the next Board meeting in Feruary at the partner institution in Belgium. Fingers crossed.

During the training this VIDEO was made, which nicely sums ups the aim of FCA concept is all about. smiley.

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